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Healing the Predisposition of Disease


Theresa Dale, Ph.D., C.C.N., N.D.

Dr. Theresa Dale’s interest in non-invasive therapies became her passion when she was diagnosed with a uterine tumor at 22 years of age. After healing herself using natural methods, she decided to dedicate her life to helping others to do the same.

In 1992, she founded The Wellness Center for Research and Education, Inc. and in 1994, The California College of Natural Medicine. Dr. Dale has invented 150 homeopathic, herbal and nutritional formulas along with a Naturopathic approach to balancing hormones which incorporates a Five Element Saliva based Test, along with a personalized complementary health program.

She may be best known for her Naturopathic and Homeopathic approach of re-educating the body to make its own hormones. This method includes homeopathic hormone rejuvenation creams and oral formulas as well.

She has authored a new book “Revitalize Your Hormones” on hormone rejuvenation, offering self-help methods based on results from 20,000 individuals, male and female alike, who have healed their endocrine system using Dr. Dale’s methods.

"Transform Your Emotional DNA - Understanding the Blueprint of Your Life” was her first groundbreaking book. She is the inventor, researcher and instructor of NeuroPhysical Reprogramming and the Holistic Health Practitioner Training course. Dr. Dale has also authored an extensive curriculum for the California College of Natural Medicine (