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The Future of Neurology Now (Erchonia)

Next Generation Neurological Treatment, Integration and Prevention

~15 CEs Applied NWHSU~

As leaders in technology and education, our responsibility is to be at the forefront of medical advancements, thereby providing balance and opportunity for doctors to step into the next wave of success for their practice. In coordination with Erchonia, Dr. Trevor Berry and Dr. Brandon Brock have designed this NEW course setting their sights on addressing the primary neurological issues facing not only the United States but the world at large. Through their painstaking diligence and active measures, they are on point in changing the way modern medicine is delivered through advanced techniques and low-level laser technology. Never before have 2 neurological experts of this caliber come together to host THE COURSE OF THE YEAR on neurology and functional medicine. Their ever-growing list of accolades speak for themselves. A quick course insight? The focus will be on laser, cellular receptors, genetic responses, antibody testing, basic serological testing and other various advanced treatment techniques to alter neurological function. They will examine posture, biomechanics and muscle function as they are keys to the insight of brain function.

As a doctor, it is your goal to provide the best treatments and techniques possible for your patients. Drs. Berry & Brock provide ample opportunity for your growth in accomplishing your goal in this (15) hour course and thereby, they dually accomplish theirs in providing the roadmap to the next generation of neurology and functional medicine. The doctors will have you on the edge of your seat humbly asking for more. Rest assured, they've got it as this is just the beginning!

Join us for a paradigm-shifting 2-day course in optimizing neurological function and performance to change your patient's lives!