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Get Back in the Game (Erchonia)

Simple and Quick Laser Techniques to Get Weekend Warriors, Youth, and Elite Athletes Back from Injuries & Enhance Sports Performance

~12 CEs Applied NWHSU~

Have you been worried about the decreased reimbursements from insurance companies?
Have you been trying to get more referrals for cash-paying patients without wasting money?
Would you like to get your patients better results and set your office apart from all the other doctors in your area?
Have you considered adding laser therapy but are confused about which kind is the best for patient results and has the most research behind it?

Most doctors do not fully understand what their lasers do, are unaware of the immense volume of research that supports their uses, and they lack confidence in talking to patients about how lasers can help them get to their health goals faster than other modalities.

Even worse, they struggle to explain how their lasers can help their patient's condition, have no idea what to charge, and usually give the service away.

This seminar will not only teach the doctors the incredible volume of research behind their lasers that supports many uses in practice that will set them apart from their competition, it will also give them the tools to help insulate them from the threats of diminished insurance reimbursements, delayed personal injury payouts, and competition from low cost marketing groups and membership franchises.

Don't Miss this Opportunity to Take Your Practice to a New Level!