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Pureland Qi Gong Instructors Training with Ma

Are you interested in improving your instruction techniques? Are you struggling with maintaining your energy while applying qi to your students and those around you? Join us for an engaging and informative workshop with Master Teresa Yeung.

Master Teresa has over a decade of experience in the art of powerfully sending chi/energy while maintaining the balance of one’s own life force. Within the framework of this interactive and hands-on learning experience, Master Teresa will provide you with insights and tools needed to support your interest and calling to the art of Fa Chi.

Fa Chi is translated as projecting energy or applying qi. The art and method is hands-on You will enjoy every minute of it.

Gain more energy by moving energy or “Feel more Chi by moving the chi”- and learn how to build your confidence and attract good people into your life.

What topics and practices are covered?

Learn to heal using Master Teresa ® and Grandmaster Wu’s techniques
Use the traditional way of Chi (Qi) healing – “no-touching” method
Learn fast track specialized and unique hands-on methods
Learn how to not lose our Qi and become sick when sending chi to others
Learn to heal safely, easily and effectively
Become trained to open and bring Chi (Qi) into your body
Protect your energy from being drained by the energy of others
Become stronger and confident energy healer
Learn to heal in sitting, standing and lying positions
Learn how to share simple yet effective Qi Gong methods to clients
Who should consider this workshop?

Family members interested in learning how to help aging parents
Acupuncturists interested in learning how to send Qi during treatments
Nutritionists interested in learning how to send Qi to clients during a consult
Chiropractors interested in incorporating Qi method into their patient treatments
Reiki Masters looking to enhance their ability to send Qi
Anyone who loves energy work and is working towards becoming Fa Qi Si (qi master)!