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The Art of Lucid Dreaming Workshop with Dr. A

Lucid dreaming offers unparalleled opportunities for mental, physical, and spiritual growth. During this program we�ll explore the science behind lucidity, how to induce lucid dreams, what to do with them, and how to transcend any obstacle. Lucid dreaming has been developed for thousands of years in the East, and recently augmented with sophisticated techniques from the West. Learn how lucid dreaming leads to lucid living, and how this ancient practice can change your brain, facilitate healing, improve relationships, heighten performance, and spiritually wake you up.

In Summary:
Build daytime and nighttime practices to help induce lucidity
Utilize both Eastern and Western techniques for developing dream incubation and increasing dream recall
Work with the latest technology and apps designed to wake you up in your dreams
Manage common obstacles to lucid dreaming
Transform insomnia, reduce nightmares, and work with other sleep disorders
Create a foundation for optimal sleep hygiene
But most of all we will learn how lucid dreaming leads to lucid living, and how this ancient practice can change your brain, facilitate healing, overcome daytime obstacles, and spiritually wake you up.

This program will explore the many remarkable benefits of lucid dreaming. Every tip and trick will be discussed, from natural agents that heighten dreams, to electronic gadgets that wake you up to your dreams, to the latest apps. Eastern and Western techniques for increasing dream recall, for developing dream incubation, and for triggering lucid dreams will be explored. You will learn the daytime and nighttime practices that induce lucidity, good sleep hygiene, and how to manage common obstacles. Learn how to transform insomnia, reduce nightmares, and work with other sleep disorders. With talks, discussion groups, and entertaining videos, this program will show you how to take full advantage of �night school� and the accelerated learning available every night. We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, and enter the dream world nearly half a million times � think about how much you could learn if you had even a fraction of that extra time.

Dream Yoga: The Path of Awakening Through Sleep and Dream
Discover the remarkable world of nocturnal meditation, where a wealth of wisdom awaits you every night. Lucid dreaming can develop into dream yoga, which has boundless potential for psychological and spiritual evolution. The nocturnal meditations provide a unique opportunity to explore the nature of mind and reality. The dream state is the �example dream� or �double delusion,� that when understood can lead to a deeper comprehension of the �real dream� or �primary delusion� of daily life. Learn how dream yoga evolves into sleep yoga and eventually into bardo yoga � and can prepare you for a lucid death.

This more advanced program on the nocturnal meditations assumes participants have either attended one of my earlier lucid dreaming/dream yoga programs, or already have knowledge about the basics of lucid dreaming. This retreat explores the more advanced inner yoga induction methods, subtle daily meditations, and an integral approach to understanding non-lucidity and lucidity. This program is for those drawn to Buddhist practice, and a deeper understanding of the subtle dimensions of mind.