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CaPLESS Retreat with Dr. Geo Espinosa and The

What is the CaPLESS Retreat?

Make prostate cancer an opportunity to rebuild and improve your quality of life at the CaPLESS retreat.

This 2 ý day weekend with Dr. Geo will help you understand how prostate cancer works and how to take back control of your health. Unlike other diets and programs, th

CaPLESS retreat is a lifestyle immersion 100% focused on men with prostate cancer that will give you the proven tools necessary to create unfavorable cancer microenvironment and live optimally. No matter where you are in your journey � undetectable PSA after treatment, PSA recurrence, on hormone therapy or active surveillance � the CaPLESS retreat will show you how to live longer and function optimally. Don�t settle for anything less. Come and find clarity on what will help you live your best life yet after prostate cancer.