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Yang Style Taijiquan Training

Yang Style Taijiquan Training with Master Fukui Yang and Rick Barrett
Nov 16, 2018 - Nov 18, 2018

Taijiquan is usually taught from the outside in: you learn the choreography, practice for years, and gradually come to understand what's going on inside. In this seminar, three teachers/healers with over 120 years of martial arts/clinical experience teach it from the inside out, showing not just how to feel the qi, but what to do with it.

Fukui Yang, Rick Barrett, and Abdi Assadi share their extensive knowledge and experience in a loving and understandable way, showing how to get the most out of your taijiquan practice, and how to teach it to others. Master Yang brings the unbroken tradition of authentic Chinese martial arts and philosophy. Rick Barrett takes us "through the Western Gate" to translate esoteric principles into teachable, experienceable abilities. Abdi Assadi brings decades of acupuncture experience and spiritual exploration.

Taijiquan is a martial art, a practice for health and healing, a moving meditation, and a spiritual practice. Each aspect will be explored and discussed, with lots of opportunities to really feel what is going on.

This seminar is for taijiquan teachers and intermediate/advanced students. It is organized around Yang Cheng Fu's 13 Original Postures, a short powerful Yang style form that Master Yang learned from his granduncle. Each posture in the form will be explored, analyzed, and tested in the light of key taijiquan principles:

Yin/Yang Theory and Practice
Insubstantial/Substantial (Xu/Shi)
Energetic Coherence (Zheng-ti Jin)
Central Equilibrium (Zhong Ding)
Five Elements (Wu Xing)
Song (Relaxation into essential structure)
Song Kua (Release of Hip Tension)
Joint Alignment and Sequential Activation
Jin (Expression of qi through the body, directed by consciousness)
Shen (Spirit)

More information at http://www.eastover.com/workshop/yang-style-taijiquan-teacher-training-with-master-fukui-yang-rick-barrett.html