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Qigong Teacher Training with Robert Peng

August 20th -27th Robert Peng Qi Gong Master Key 1 & 2 Teacher Training (Prerequisites apply - please see our website)

This week long teacher training course has three objectives:
1. Breaking down the theory and philosophy of RP Qigong into basic building blocks that can be rearranged into various formats and presented by RP Qigong certified teachers to students in classes ranging from one hour, one day, weekend workshops, or ongoing classes.
2. Analyzing the underlying principles of each exercise. Understanding the benefits of each practice and how to adapt the practices for children, the elderly, and practitioners with special needs.
3. How to develop an individual style of presentation that reflects your personality and how to empower your teaching methods using special Qigong techniques. You will be provided with teaching materials and guidance on how to use them effectively. You will also be taught to invoke powerful energies to run group healings.
Specific topics covered:
1. Four Golden Wheels Theory
2. 6 Dantian Typology
3. Three Treasures
4. Nourishing Qi
5. Hologram Palm Empowerments
6. Central Meridian Breathing Empowerment
7. Four Golden Wheels Exercise
8. Three Treasures Standing Meditation
9. Connecting Universe
10. Lotus Meditation
11. Empowering your teaching space
12. Performing a group healing
13. Using the RP Qigong Power Point Presentation
14. How to arrange music for a class
15. Teaching a class vs. Teaching a workshop