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Taichi for Health with Sifu Terry Dunn

In this 3-day immersive workshop, Sifu Terry Dunn teaches the 60-posture Yang Style Tai Chi form created by his teacher, the Grandmaster William C.C. Chen. Students will learn the essential postures and body mechanics of Tai Chi Chuan that will give beginners a solid foundation, while enabling experienced practitioners of all levels and styles, to advance their practice. Graceful in movement, slow in tempo, relaxed in fluid natural postures, Tai Chi forms impart many health benefits including improved circulation, respiration, metabolism, bone and muscle strength, posture, balance, flexibility, neuro-muscular coordination, immunity, and heightened awareness. Terry will provide step-by-step instruction in the William Chen Form in the same manner he taught the Yang Short and Long Forms to millions of Tai Chi enthusiasts through his bestselling Tai Chi For Health DVDs released in 1990.

Terence Dunn is an expert instructor of Chinese martial, yogic, and healing arts with more than 40 years of training. Since 1990, he has popularized Tai Chi Chuan, an authentic Qigong practice throughout America and Europe Educated at Yale College and the Harvard Business School, he wrote the first medical protocol in American medical history applying therapeutic Tai Chi and Qigong exercises to accelerate recovery from major surgeries. In 2000 and 2001, Terry became the first Tai Chi trainer in the NBA, training the Los Angeles Lakers during their second championship season. http://www.eastover.com/upcoming-retreats.html

"Because of the great interest in Qigong in the west, it is important to have bona fide teachings by bona fide teachers. Too often students wind up learning a little bit of this form and a little bit of another, while never learning any complete system. This series is a good example of a serious and gifted instructor who offers a complete system of healing qigong to the serious student." — Solala Towler, Editor, The Empty Vessel — Journal of Contemporary Taoism

"Just excellent. Terry's emersion in the subject is obvious. A pleasure and privilege to study with him." —Dr.Gene M. Gudmundson, MT

"I can already feel the benefits and am inspired to do more. It can be a meaningful process in my life as long as I practice. I have very skilled tools to do that now." -Pat Nolan, Wabasha, MN

"Very Good. As a new comer to chi kung, I found the instruction very easy to follow and felt the effects immediately. Thank you so much for sharing your gift."- J. Lloyd Blackwell, ND

"Outstanding. On a scale of 1-10, I score it a 12+!! Extremely informative, practical and significantly energizing."- Dr. Gordon Mayfield, WI

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